Dare to be bold in the smallest room in the house

There are some amazing fabrics and wallpapers on the market that could possibly take the majority of us out of our comfort zone. From bold floral designs with black backgrounds to large geometric designs that could get us all in a tizzy.

We love them but…….
Well here’s the thing.
You don’t need to avoid them because you’re not comfortable in having them in your main living space. Some of us embrace a lot of colour and pattern and believe you can never have enough, whereas the rest of us may prefer something more subtle or just want a hint of patten that won’t overwhelm a space.
The on-trend theme at the moment is “anything goes” in our cloakrooms.
Here, we can embrace our wild side and get it out of our systems without compromising our general style.
Let your imagination run wild and you may surprise yourself on just how far you are willing to go.
Such is the trend that there was a display at Grand Designs 2018 in London that showcased designer styled cloakrooms. Amazing designs showing humor, luxury and green initiatives.
Which one has your name on it?


From wall and floor coverings, fabrics and lighting, there’s something for everyone,  who wants to give it a go?


(Pics of cloakroom styles from Grand Designs 2018) .

(Fabrics and wallpapers from Iliv, James Hare, Romo, The Monkey Puzzle Tree, Chase and Whistler Leather)

Why bespoke is the best option.

In an age where everything is about convenience, we are no longer passing on important skills to the next generation.
In this high tech world we no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking meals, we have robotic instruments to clean our homes and even when we take a break, we have all inclusive holidays so we don’t have to leave our hotels.
 But are we sacrificing time for quality, convenience for experience/ knowledge /adventure?
When you purchase that ready made curtain, chances are, yes you obviously like it, it doesn’t really fit and show off the true beauty of your window?
Is it the correct width and drop or does it come up a few inches too short?
 Is it really just a trade off of price versus quality?
We spend so much on our sofas, carpets and furniture to reflect the style in our homes, why would we then ignore one of the biggest spaces and feature in the room?
 Our window treatments are an investment just like the TV and other important items. Don’t trade down, bespoke doesn’t have to mean ‘too expensive’.
It stands for quality, choice, individuality and most of all, best fit.
7 Good reasons to go Bespoke:
1. Curtains or blinds fit the shape of your windows perfectly
2. No limitations on fabric choice
3. Correct length for your window
4. Correct width allowance ensuring when closed, curtains cover window sufficiently and still look nice
5. Unique to you.
6. Quality service and Quality product that will last for many years
7.  Your choice, your style, your budget.

Trimmings and all that jazz


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